Activism Alert: Nanny State Corner Store

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August 5, 2016
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August 9, 2016

Activism Alert: Nanny State Corner Store

Here in Canada, the ridiculous rise of the nanny state has officially gotten out of hand. Thankfully, Students For Liberty is pushing back. And you’re invited to join us at our next activism event on Thursday, August 11th to mock the rise of the nanny state with plain-packaged chocolate, pop, and bags of chips.

To show how silly it’s gotten, SFL Canada launched our Free to Choose campaign against lifestyle regulation. We started with a website,, and now we are stepping up our game.


On Thursday August 11th, SFL Canada will be taking over a Toronto corner store and turning it into the “Nanny State Corner Store.”

SFLcanadanonannyWe plan on giving people a glimpse into what the world would look like if we let government get away with overtaxing, over-regulating, or straight up banning everything that isn’t good for you.

The store will be decked out with all of the “appropriate” warnings, and we will be giving out “government approved” bags of chips, pop, and chocolate bars.

The location is a secret for now!

But, if you would like to attend or help, just email me at [email protected]!

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