The 2016 #AynRandCon: “Live Free and Thrive”

The 2016 #AynRandCon: “Live Free and Thrive”

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Searching for an opportunity to learn about Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and meet other like-minded individuals? Look no further because the Ayn Rand Institute is hosting the 2016 Ayn Rand Student Conference, “Live Free and Thrive,” in Atlanta, Georgia from November 4th to 6th!Atlanta

Thus far, 150 student attendees have registered for the conference, and the Institute hopes to have few more budding scholars, like you, to spend a weekend in the beautiful city of Atlanta to explore Rand’s philosophy.

Although the registration page shows that the deadline to apply has passed, the Institute is still open for applications until they exhaust their scholarship funds, which cover the entire attendance cost (registration fee, travel, and lodging). If you wish to apply, please do so pronto! We hope to see you there.

Questions about the conference? Email Krissy Keys at [email protected]

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