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November 8, 2016
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November 14, 2016

Interventionism in foreign policy has been a crucial element of mainstream political platforms for decades in U.S. politics, but many libertarians see a foreign policy based on restraint as an essential element in the fight for freedom and prosperity across the world. With the quagmire of Iraq dominating political discourse during much of the past two decades, foreign policy is an area in which the ideas of liberty are sorely needed.

Many libertarians see American hegemony as dangerous both domestically and abroad. At home, the military-industrial complex represents a cornerstone of government power. As journalist and political activist Randolph Bourne once put it, “war is the health of the state.”Meanwhile, the United States’ continual presence in more than 70 countries and endless military interventions are both costly and destabilizing, distracting from pressing issues at home and driving growth of government.

As young people become increasingly hesitant to promote interventionist foreign policy, libertarian ideas of restraint and peaceful diplomacy hold significant appeal.

To this end, SFL is providing grants of up to $250 for activism aimed at promoting non-interventionist foreign policy until December 28th.


We want peace, love, and liberty around the world.


To qualify for the grant, you must carry out an activism event related to libertarian ideas on foreign policy. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Highlighting the human cost of war
  • Showing students the financial costs associated with interventionist foreign policy
  • “Guess the Sentence” tabling for war whistleblowers
  • Raising awareness of expanded Presidential power over foreign policy
  • Hosting a speaker or debate on the theme of Peace, Love, Liberty
  • Creative ideas not included above (submit a description in your application)

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