ISFLC17 Registration is $30 Off! Happy Holidays from SFL

ISFLC17 Registration is $30 Off! Happy Holidays from SFL



From all of us at Students For Liberty, allow me to wish you a very happy holiday! In the spirit of the season, we’ve decided to offer one last giant discount on ISFLC17 registration – from now, until Midnight December 26th, ISFLC prices are $30 off! 

Just use the promo code “SFLGIFT” to get student tickets at just $10 and non-student tickets at $45

ISFLC2017speaker_instagram_forbesAs you finish up finals or take a step back from work, check out all the exciting things we’ve got planned for this year’s conference.

ISFLC17 will include special features like a Saturday morningCrossFit workout, the annual Ama-Gi Art Exhibition, and a book signing with select speakers. And with speakers likeJonathan Haidt, Senator Rand Paul, and Forbes CEO Steve Forbes, it’s sure to be a weekend to remember!

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In addition to the holiday discount, it’s my pleasure to announce even more exciting speakers you can expect at ISFLC. From the Foundation of Economic Education, we’ve added Jeffrey Tucker, Steven Horwitz, and Sarah Skwire to this year’s lineup.


tuckerJoin us on the weekend of February 17-19th, 2017 to hear their panel The Uniqueness of the Liberal Vision, a discussion about the revolutionary vision of liberalism.

From the economy, to the family, to the arts, it’s liberal thought that has been at the heart of progress. In this session, Tucker, Horwitz, and Skwire will explore the roots of the liberal tradition and the pitfalls we must avoid to stay on the path to liberty.
Register now at to catch these and all of our great speakers at the 10th Annual International Students For Liberty Conference!

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