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What is it about?
End The Drug War activism training, which offers a unique advocacy course as a pre-campaign training.

Who can take part?
Any ESFL Leader

Online - The first part of the training will be set online. During five weeks, starting February 1st, you’ll go through the topics, materials, videos and interactive meetings touching most important aspects of successful drug policy reform advocacy.Prague - The second part of the training will be a one day retreat in Prague, Thursday, March 16th, the day before LibertyCon. For those who complete the online training successfully, this will be an opportunity to meet face-to-face and exchange best practices in advocating for drugreform. You’ll get the chance to meet and debate with some of the most successful EDW activists and experts..

To help you find the answers on the questions such as: What are drugs? Why are drugs illegal? What are some of the most effective approaches to resolving the problems surrounding current policy? How to be an effective advocate in ending prohibitionist policies? How to best communicate these ideas? How to organise drug policy reform events?

When? Application open: Jan 12-23 Results announced: Jan 29 Online Training: Feb 1 – Mar 8 Retreat in Prague: Mar 16

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  • It must be something amazing and unique to gather all great young minds across of Europe to fight for an idea, for liberty! Being 'Heralds of freedom’, as they call us in my country, means to think progressive, constructive and as a great leader not for those who will follow you but for those who will learn from you. I learned that by becoming a member of European Students For Liberty
    Slobodan Franeta
  • We were born in an extraordinary era; there have been a lot of political and social changes in the world during last decades. Due to Students For Liberty the first active libertarian youth movement emerged and is already playing a crucial role in defending and promoting liberty worldwide. Thanks to SFL we find ourselves standing united on the right side of the history - changing the word to a freer place.
    Mariam Gogolishvili
  • ESFL has given me the opportunity to travel and meet numerous liberty lovers from all over the world, but most importantly, it has empowered me and given me resources to fight for something I care: individual liberty. When I know that I have the support of the ESFL network, I feel capable of accomplishing things that I wouldn’t have thought myself capable only one year ago. What I love the most about ESFL is that we do not get involved in the dirty game of politics. We care about ideas and the spread of those ideas among the people that will shape tomorrow’s society: students.
    Christophe Andre
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