You can’t afford to miss these organizations at ISFLC’s Career Fair!


At each annual International Students For Liberty Conference, we like to bring something new and worthwhile for our attendees. This year, we are proud to be hosting our first annual ISFLC Career and Grad School Fair!

Many of our attendees will be looking for internships, jobs, or pursuing the path of further education, so the Career and Grad School Fair is a natural fit at ISFLC.

Here is a (growing) list of which organizations will be attending:

As you can tell, there are many organizations  who recognize our network is full of promising young people. This Career Fair could be the chance to get your foot in the door to the competitive professional world. You are advised to bring your résumé/CV.

For those looking to spend more time in academia, George Mason University will be present and many of the organizations listed above are able to assist in funding your time in grad school and supporting your work. Simply ask what the organization can do for a graduate student and you may be pleasantly surprised by the answer!

The ISFLC Career and Grad School Fair will be held on Saturday, February 18 from 1:30-3:30pm. If you’re looking for internships, if you’re a student nearing graduation, if you aspire to be a young professional, then these two hours on a Saturday afternoon may prove incredibly valuable. This is one event at ISFLC you don’t want to pass up.

For those who haven’t registered for ISFLC yet, time is running out! In two weeks from this post, ISFLC commences. Register now, and we’ll see you there!

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