EsLibertad: December 2016 & January 2017 Update

Events in the Region — Mexico

Mexico has been working very hard these months and that effort is giving incredible results. The Students For Liberty Mexico team embarked on a series of leadership forums in a number of states, called “The Route of Liberty.” So far they have had two liberty forums that had good turn out and people have come out very satisfied from the experience.

In addition, they launched the campaign #SolidarityisFreedom. Its purpose was to promote the message that the State is not needed to support those who are in need. A campaign was organized to collect clothing, food, and toys for people in situations of vulnerability.


Our teams in Venezuela continue with their great work, this time organizing the forum “The School of Reason” in Caracas, where the ideas of Ayn Rand were explained. And also with their traditional gathering “Coffee and Ideas.” This time, the educational system was discussed with 23 attendees in the city of Azoategui.


Argentina continues to organize conferences. This time, they had a very interesting theme: “Nothing is Free.” The event was held on January 10th at the College of Civil Engineering Professionals of Concordia, in Entre Ríos, Argentina. The speaker was Alberto Medina Méndez, journalist, political analyst, International Lecturer, private Consultant in Communication, Conductor of radio and television cycles. Thank you all for coming!


This January 24th, Estudiantes por la Libertad Ecuador held a speaking event with candidates to the National Assembly, together with Bastiat Society, the Students Association of the Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences of ESPOL and Global Shapers Guayaquil. The event was attended by seven candidates from four political parties.

The event had about 120 attendees, who for two hours listened to candidates’ proposals on labor market, higher education and inspection.

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