White Supremacists Disrupt Students For Liberty Event

Yesterday, Richard Spencer and a group of his white supremacist supporters protested the 10th Annual ISFLC: the annual gathering of libertarian Students For Liberty’s worldwide network and a large collection of affiliated groups.

The alt-right provocateur came to the hotel with a small group of supporters to protest the libertarian gathering that promotes the creation of a freer future, where the rights of all people in all areas of their lives are respected.

Students For Liberty CEO, Wolf von Laer, said:

“Attempts to disrupt the conference, both from the far left and far right, were not entirely unexpected, but the appearance of Mr. Spencer and alt-right activists at the hotel demonstrated the alt-right’s hostility to the ideas of liberty and freedom.

Although we support freedom of speech and thought, we did not invite Mr. Spencer. We reject his hateful message and we wholeheartedly oppose his obsolete ideology.”

After gathering a small crowd, Spencer began broadcasting his presence and taking questions from a mix of attendees and his supporters.

His appearance coincided with Dr. Tom Palmer’s talk on “A New, Old Challenge: Global Anti-Libertarianism.”

He was later asked to leave by hotel staff for creating a disturbance.

UPDATE – 2/19/17, 10:00 PM EST: Hotel staff asked the entire crowd at the bar to leave. Mr. Spencer then requested an escort out by hotel security which they provided.

UPDATE – 2/20/17, 2:20 PM EST: Those responsible for the disruption have been identified, and are no longer welcome at Students For Liberty events.

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