Ethan Pritchard Featured in Reason Magazine

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March 20, 2017
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March 20, 2017

Ethan Pritchard, a Campus Coordinator and recipient of the Student of the Year award at ISFLC17, was recently the focus of a full-page ad in Reason magazine.

Something that has distinguished Ethan is his dedication to reaching across the proverbial aisle. Rather than viewing those with ideological differences as opponents who must be railed against, Ethan seeks out common ground, directed towards the aim of understanding.

He’s ensured that the Students For Liberty at University of Maryland College Park remains grounded and works through differences rather than against them. He’s worked with Trump supporters, Bernie supporters, socialists, and people of every creed.

One of our Speak Freely advocates, Ethan has hosted free speech events on his campus to much success. He knows free speech entails disagreement, which is vital. You won’t be able to convince anyone of anything if you’re not in dialogue with them.

Students For Liberty supports big tent libertarianism, encompassing many who want to see a freer world, and Ethan has taken that position to heart and dignified it through his actions. We are proud to have Ethan Pritchard representing us in the pages of Reason.

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