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March 30, 2017
Chapa de DCE de membros do SFLB vence na UFGD e promete “verdadeira pluralidade”
March 30, 2017

Julio Lins

SFL Brazil

Working on bringing Uber to the Brazilian state of Manaus


Julio Lins (who was elected Student of the Year by Students for Liberty in 2015 at ISFLC), one of the Local Coordinators at Students for Liberty Brazil, organized a group called ‘We Want Uber in Manaus’ and were on Friday, February 10, at the City Hall of Manaus (CMM) to hold a public hearing on the implementation of the system in the capital. The request was filed on Monday, February 13.

The movement is engaging in the struggle to bring to Manaus the best possible conditions for Uber’s arrival. This work is being done in conjunction with CMM so that councilors do not vote on laws that prohibit this service and instead pass laws in favor of this type of technological advance.

“We want Uber in Manaus” brings together about 30 young people who intend to act in public hearings, debates and work with councilors at CMM.

The group seeks better conditions for the arrival of Uber in Manaus with goals like: a City Council whose councilors are already aware of how beneficial Uber is for urban mobility and who support free competition in the individual passenger transportation business, as well as service improvements for the population. The intention is for Uber to arrive in Manaus with a preexisting organized movement to defend it. In the same way that the taxi drivers’ union has already organized themselves. Thus, the “best conditions” would be a scenario where there is political interest in having Uber in Manaus.

The movement has had considerable coverage from major newspapers and news sites, including Boletim da Liberdade and Amazonas.

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