Iryna Havryliuk

March 31, 2017
João Pedro
March 31, 2017
United States: FEECon 2017 – June 15-17
April 1, 2017

Iryna Havryliuk

SFL Europe

Celebrating liberty in Ukraine

In February, Iryna Havryliuk hosted a StartUp20+ event. At this event, there were 80 registrants and around 50 attendees. She has partnered with the nationwide organization FRI PLUS. Together with them, Ukrainian SFL is hosting 4 lectures about non-traditional education.

Thanks to these events, Ukrainian SFL got 100 new followers on their local Facebook page. During the last training, there were 100 attendees and after the lecture, Iryna gave a presentation about Ukrainian SFL, the Local Coordinator program and LibertyCon. The featured speaker, Volodymyr Sokolovsky, is a head of FRI PLUS, an organization dedicated to empowering young people in Ukraine. Iryna also received a great number of messages from students asking her to tell them about SFL and the possibility to join the network. SFL is becoming more and more popular in Lviv!

Iryna plans on having Ukrainian SFL host another StartUp20+ event in late April. Stay tuned for updates on Ukrainian SFL and Iryna Havryliuk!

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