United Kingdom: THINK Conference 2017 – July 1

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Thought-provoking economists, the best and brightest young people, and talks looking at what the future holds and how creativity and innovation have helped halve world poverty in recent decades…

…all in one place on Saturday 1 July 2017 at the Royal Geographical Society, London.

Organised by our friends from the Institute of Economic Affairs , last summer saw the second annual THINK conference – with 450 16-25-year-olds joining us to hear from some of the world’s biggest names in economics, and this year THINK will be even bigger.

Speakers and programme details will be announced during the build up to THINK. To find out more, keep up to date with announcements and buy tickets, please visit www.thinkiea.com!


From the website: Last year’s inaugural THINK conference brought together some of the best speakers in the world to highlight how the creativity and innovation fostered under free markets has helped to halve world poverty in recent decades.

Now in its third year, THINK will bring together some of the most prominent and thought-provoking economists from all over the world to speak about a vast range of topics from international development to the sharing economy.

Above all, you’ll be introduced to new ideas, changing the way you think about the world and the major challenges facing us, and you’ll hear some of the most exciting and surprising predictions about how you can expect the world to change in your lifetimes!

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