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April 2, 2017
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April 3, 2017

The following was written by Lilian Lucena, EsLibertad Executive Board President.

#NoMasDictadura #PorUnaVenezuelaLibre

Venezuelans need your help. This Thursday, March 29, 2017, the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro has confirmed his dictatorship by consolidating power: the Supreme Court, already under his control, ascribed itself all legislative attributions that were previously the responsibility of Congress.

Lilian Lucena, EsLibertad Executive Board President

This ruling is notoriously unconstitutional, not only because it is issued against the government body where the Venezuelan people are represented, but also as a violation of the separation of powers characteristic of a Republic and necessary for a Democracy.

This shameful attack calls for an urgent action and a global support for all Venezuelans. This is why Estudiantes por la Libertad in Latin America invites you today to denounce on social media and other spaces the atrocities committed against the Venezuelan people.

Tweet at your governments and leaders with the hashtag #NoMasDictadura / #NoMoreDictatorship.

By raising your voice, you can help us oppose this evil and become part of the resistance against a socialist trap seeking to expand to other countries in the Latin American region.

So join us, and echo Venezuelans’ call for liberty, #PorUnaVenezuelaLibre / #ForAFreeVenezuela.

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