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April 3, 2017
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April 3, 2017

Fabian Pozo

SFL Latin America

 Promoting Freedom in Ecuador through Law and Academia

Fabian got involved with SFL mid-2012. Until that moment, Fabian Pozo was a self-educated classic liberal and had dedicated himself to the dissemination of ideas through the internet by himself, individually, in addition to belonging to the political party Creando Oportunidades (CREO), an Ecuadorian liberal party.

By joining SFL as a Local Coordinator at that time, Fabian says that he joined a network of brothers in ideas, which allowed him to deepen his training and expand the capacity of spreading libertarian ideas.

That same year, he started the first student group of Estudiantes por la Libertad in Cuenca, the third biggest city in Ecuador, and the main city for socialist universities in the country. At this time, Fabian started to organize the first meetings and enrolled the first members for Eslibertad Ecuador. During 2012 and 2013, he organized some workshops on free speech and drug regulations at the State University of Cuenca, a bastion of national communism. Also, as a senior Local Coordinator, Fabian organized something which was unthinkable in a city like Cuenca: this was the first summit of the Austrian School of Economics.

After graduating from college, Fabian decided to keep working with SFL. At that time, he was offered a scholarship to study his Masters at the University of California at Berkeley, where he frequented the libertarian coffee shop Top Dog, the only place openly pro-market in a city famous for being left-leaning.

In SFL, Fabian says, “I reinforced my attachment for entrepreneurship. When I returned from my masters, we split up with a partner from the law firm where we worked and founded our own firm, which today, three years after, is one of the biggest in our region.”

Fabian also points out that, thanks to SFL he reinforced his interest in Academia. This led him to participate in international essay competitions where he was awarded three times by the Caminos de Libertad Foundation in Mexico where he received different awards and the first place in the student category. Due to the awards, they published two of his essays in Mexico: “Libertarian Jesus Christ” and “The XXI Century Socialism Franchise.”

Today, Fabian is still involved with libertarian thought. He is a columnist for several newspapers and websites locally in Ecuador and internationally, and he gives lectures on liberalism frequently. But most importantly, he continues to promote liberty also through his law firm which specializes in the defense of companies which are affected by severe government regulations.

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