Jorge Miguel Teixeira

Linda Kavuka
April 3, 2017
João Bastos: “não há beleza em proibir as pessoas de simplesmente serem livres”
April 4, 2017

Jorge Miguel Teixeira

SFL Europe

Running for Mayor in Barreiro, Portugal

Jorge Miguel Teixeira, a 23 year old Local Coordinator in Lisbon, Portugal, who graduated with a degree in Philosophy and is currently doing his Master’s in Political Science is tunning for Mayor of Barreiro, Portugal. SFL Portugal has grown steadily during the last year, and intends to lead the liberty movement in the country. Whereas initially there was a small core group of four members, now SFL Portugal boasts nearly 50 members, most located in Lisbon. Notably, they co-organized the Lisbon Liberty Forum with the Contraditório Think Tank in October 2016, with an attendance of more than 100 people. It was SFL Portugal’s largest conference to date.

For the upcoming local elections on October 1st, Jorge will be running for Mayor in his hometown, Barreiro, where the Communist Party has consistently scored a majority both in the Town Council and in the Municipal Assembly. Jorge will be running for CDS\PP, a centre-right party that scored 1.3%, 413 votes in the last 2013 local elections and has never elected any of its members for office. In a town ruled by the Communist party, the leading platform of opposition will be for liberty: lower taxes, less bureaucracy, less regulation, and an end to the communist stranglehold on civil society. With a platform focused on innovation and a discourse for liberty, Jorge needs to garner more than 1,000 votes in order to get a representative elected in the Municipal Assembly. Challenging the status quo, he hopes to further the cause for individual and economic freedom in Barreiro.

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