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March 2017 Update

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April 6, 2017
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April 7, 2017


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Milo, Trump, & the Assault on Free Speech

Students For Liberty hosted libertarian personality Dr. Tom G. Palmer at UC Berkeley on March 14.

UC Berkeley was the same campus where a riot ensued which resulted in the university canceling an appearance by known provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos back in February.

Tom Palmer gave a speech on the importance of free speech. Though neither Tom Palmer nor Students For Liberty endorses Milo, we share a common commitment to the free and peaceful exchange of ideas, even those we disagree with. The best way to respond to speech you disagree with is not violence but more speech.

About 50 people attended the event and heard the message regarding the need for free speech.


Free Speech Ball at Ohio State University

We have now launched our Speak Freely strike team, empowering students to host events highlighting the importance of free expression.


Free speech is always a hot topic (see Campus Coordinator Natalie Le‘s criticism of Harvard’s restrictive speech policies here!) and our student activists have kept up the fight. Whether it be through organizing a mobile free speech ball where people can write whatever message they choose, or screening films like Tickling Giants or Silence U, or by organizing any other of a myriad number of events, our students are leading the fight for free speech on campuses throughout North America.

Media Attention

Anna Richter discusses drug reform on Remso Republic

My call to consider abolishing the National Weather Service was featured in The Washington Examiner and Campus Coordinator Jacob Linker’s article Fordham’s Decision to Block Pro-Palestine Group Is an Attack on My Academic Freedom was popular on Townhall.

Our student leaders are ready for a new approach when it comes to drug policy in the United States. Two of our hard-working activists were featured in outlets discussing the need for reform. Anna Richter appeared on the Remso Republic podcast where she discussed this topic. In a Wisconsin media outlet, Sam Dunkovich points out that there’s a better way for Wisconsin to combat the opioid crisis ravaging the Midwest.

Last but certainly not least, SFL’s Director of North American Programs David Clement was quoted in The National Post, a large Canadian newspaper. His remarks on Beyoncé and cultural appropriation can be found here. For more on media attention in March, please refer to Daniel Pryor’s post here!

On the Horizon: Speak Freely Summit

We’ve been gearing up for the Speak Freely Summit taking place on April 29. The lineup of speakers is strong, with Dave Rubin and Flemming Rose as featured speakers.

The Speak Freely Summit is a one day event focused on the topic of free speech and free expression. This event will give students a unique opportunity to listen to, and learn from, some of the world’s most prominent free speech advocates. Attendees will not only get to meet amazing speakers, they will also get to collaborate with like minded peers and develop hands on skills for promoting freedom of speech on their campus. Stay tuned to our social media pages and website for updates on the Speak Freely Summit!

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