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March 2017 Update

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April 7, 2017
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April 8, 2017

SFL Charter Teams

March 2017 Update

Charter Teams might be the smallest region within Students For Liberty, but that doesn’t mean our coordinators on the ground aren’t doing fantastic work to advance human flourishing and well-being. This is particularly true for the past month, when South East Asia was treated to a good dose of amazing events.

A particularly impressive point in case is Hong Kong. There, the local team brought in more than 1,000 attendees for a panel discussion on the “Morality of Business” and two talks by North Korean refugee and human rights activist Yeonmi Park. The latter two where particularly impressive, as they attracted quite a lot of media attraction and the brought the largest audience ever to an event organized by Hong Kong Students For Liberty.

In the meanwhile, Charter Teams Member Tyler Prochazka has organized an academic conference on Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Taiwan, which brought together over 100 scholars and activists from all across the world. A separate post about this meeting will follow here in a just a few days.

But the other groups aren’t resting either: Our leaders in the Philippines are tirelessly working on organizing their first-ever Regional Conference in Manila this year (May 20-21). and the Indonesian crowd is gathering people from all over South East Asia to put together a committee for what is going to become the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (August 2017).

Lastly, we will launch the brand-new Charter Teams Training very soon – stay tuned!



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