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April 2017 Update

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South Asia welcomes her new Executive Board

SASFL Executive Board members have been the lifeline of the liberty movement in South Asia. This month, the Executive Board for the year 2016-17 stepped down to hand the reigns to a brand new supercharged Executive Board for the year 2017-18. Here is a small introduction to the Executive Board:

Abeed Khader, Executive Board Chairman 2016-17 and Ashank Upadhyay, Chair Academic Programs 2016-17 have decided to continue as Executive Board members. They were instrumental in South Asia’s successes and we are glad we have their experience to count on!

Ayemen Fatima, Sougandhi Bogupally and Parth Valluri were a part of the team that won the Students For Liberty Group of the year award at ISFLC 2017 and we look forward to having them win more accolades for us this year!

From double taxation to liberty for entreprenuers and freedom in education, Siksha Bhattarai and Gaurab Dahal kept Libertarianism relevant in the discourse in Nepal and we are sure we could not have hoped for a better team to join us!

Dhanya Mallar, Avadhoot Potnis and Naina Jindal are law students who’ve made their mark with their distinctive lawyerly wit and efficiency in advocating Libertarianism and we cannot wait for them to lead the charge as Executive Board members!

Kiran Ramakrishnan, Kunal Kundra and Bhanvi Satija all come from different fields – IT, Management and Mass Communication, but their ingenuinty in devising creative ways to spread the ideas of liberty have helped us score some major wins in the region and we are very excited to for their plans this year!

The leaders are currently undergoing training for their roles but we are sure that a team as strong as this will only take the movement for Liberty to new heights!


Campus Ambassador Program Application Opens

The Local Coordinator Program selects and trains students from all over South Asia. To aid in the process of reaching out to students and student groups from new regions, SASFL has started the Campus Ambassador Program. In a one of a kind one-month Program, the Campus Ambassador Program will select campus ambassador who will act as SASFL associates in spreading the word about the movement for Liberty.

SFL Campus Ambassadors will broaden the reach of South Asia Students For Liberty’s Programs & Activities. They will proactively engage with diverse student communities and will be vital in growing the student movement for liberty in South Asia.

Upon successful completion of the Program, the Campus Ambassadors will get a certificate of appreciate detailing their work and will be eligible to get SFL books and swag.

To join, register here. To know more, please visit SASFL.ORG/CAP.

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