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March 2017 Update

O salário mínimo expulsa os pobres e menos qualificados do mercado de trabalho – e isso é intencional
April 17, 2017
Clube de Liberdade Caiapós palestra em escola de Ribeirão Preto
April 17, 2017

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Dr. JP Narayan answers SASFL Leader’s question – “What makes countries prosperous?”

SASFL LC Sougandhi Bogupally, with the help of fellow SFL leaders – Sai Praneeth Macherla and Parth Valluri, hosted Dr. JP Narayan for an interactive speaker session on “What makes countries prosperous?”. The event held on 10th March as a part of the St. Francis College For Women’s valedictory 2016-17 in collaboration with India’s Future Foundation drew a crowd of 300 students.

Delhi Leaders ask law students their favorite stupid law

Cultural festivals are an important way to reach students in a fun and engaging environment. SASFL Leaders Bhanvi Satija, Ashank Upadhyay, Kunal Kundra, Neelesh Kumar and Varenya Singh set up a table at NLU Delhi’s annual fest – Kairos 2017 for the duration of the fest (3-5 March). They conducted two Vox Pops, and distributed SFL swag and books. The Free Speech wall and the Favourite Stupid Law wall were immensely popular, letting the SFL leaders initiate a conversation on topics like sedition, free trade, ease of business and need and impact of government welfare schemes.

Pune Leaders discuss ‘Uberisation of the World’ under the banyan tree

SFL Leaders Dhanya Mallar and Avadhoot Potnis in collaboration with the reading group at GIPE, Pune organised a colloquium on ‘Uberisation of the World’ on 6 March. The students discussed the principles of rule of law, property rights and freedom to choose, importance of entrepreneurship for a society, the need for government interference and the self sustainability of markets. The discussion attracted a particularly interesting guest who made it a point to sit through the discussion!

Local Coordinator (LC) Application Opens

The Local Coordinator Program forms the crux of the liberty movement in South Asia. The Program selects and trains students from all over South Asia. After a highly competitive selection process, the students get trained in law, philosophy, economics and political science. The program aims to make informed leaders out of the joinees. South Asia has opened applications for Local Coordinators for the academic year 2017-18.

Each year, the SASFL leaders go above and beyond to reach students and introduce them to the ideas of liberty and this year is no different. The leaders are armed with an array of ideas and event proposals that they cannot wait to impliment.

To join, register here. To know more, please visit SASFL.ORG/LCP.

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