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April 28, 2017
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Antonella S. Marty

SFL Latin America

Advancing Liberty through Public Policy and Academia in Argentina

Antonella got in touch with SFL’s Latin American branch, Eslibertad, due to some members and leaders like Luis Silva-Ball who motivated her to join the movement while she was doing an internship at Cato Institute in Washington D.C. Previously, Antonella had also been an intern at Atlas Network were she became familiar with the ideas of liberty. It seemed like timing or destiny, but at that time Antonella received an invitation to participate in one of SFL´s conferences. This was the final push she needed to make a decision to join SFL-LatinAmerica known as Eslibertad.

During her time as a leader of Eslibertad, Antonella became the first Regional Director for Argentina and also for countries like Chile when Eslibertad was in its beginnings. She also became a member of the Executive Board for Eslibertad. One of the most fondly remembered moments for Antonella during her time at Eslibertad was when she wrote a letter in collaboration with other leaders to be delivered to Oliver Stone during his key note speech at the International Students For Liberty Conference. The letter was an expression of rejection to Oliver Stone for his support to authoritarian governments such as those in Venezuela and Cuba.

Antonella says that SFL has given her something incredible: a big community of friends for liberty all around Latin America with whom she is still in touch. For Antonella, SFL is an organization that nurtures the future advocates for liberty and its mission is key in the fight to make a stance against cultural Marxism.

As an alum, Antonella had outstanding participation in several contests such as the essay contest organized by Caminos de la Libertad in Mexico where she was awarded for two consecutive years with the honor prize. She has collaborated as well with CEDICE Libertad in Venezuela and Fundacion Libertad in Argentina.

Nowadays, Antonella works at the Argentinian Parliament as a public policy advisor for senator Laura Rodriguez Machado, Vice President of the Republican Proposal (Propuesta Republicana or PRO) political party in Argentina at a national level and whip of the PRO party bloc. She continues to work closely with Fundacion Libertad and she is an associate researcher with Fundacion para el Progreso. Antonella is an active member of the school of political leaders in the political party PRO. Antonella recently published her first book La Dictadura Intelectual Populista and has been featured in important outlets in Argentina like Infobae and has been published in Cato Institute Latin American section called “El Cato en corto”.

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