Charter Teams:
April 2017 Update

SFL Charter Teams

April 2017 Update

After an impressive last month, culminating in an extremely-well attended event in Hong Kong with over a 1,000 listeners in total, March set the bar quite high for the following days. Viewed in this light, it is all the more impressive how many positive developments we were able to witness in April throughout the entire region.

Liberty Knows No Borders: The first meeting of our latest chapter in Japan!

Starting off with Japan, a country that has seen little to know libertarian activism in the past (with the noble exception of Chiaki Nishiyama, a former president of the prestigious Mont Pélérin Society), we are very happy to announce the founding of a new SFL chapter in the land of the rising sun. Kudos go to Yasuhiro Oshima, the initiator of the group that can also be found here on Twitter. Great things lie ahead!

Up next is Indonesia, a region that has been particularly busy in April. Not only did begin organizing what is going to be the Asia-Pacific Conference (tentatively scheduled for mid-August in Jakarta), they also hosted a talk on Austrian Economics in Jakarta, delivered by Sukasah Syahdan (who, as rumor has it, is the only genuine free-market professor in Indonesia) for which over 60 people showed up. And because that isn’t yet enough, they took their team to Bandung for an in-depth Leadership Forum that will lay the groundwork for the coming academic year. With over 20 liberty lovers attending and multiple high-quality workshops, this once again underlines the position the Indonesian team assumed in the region through their hard and constant work.

Introduction to Austrian Economics, organized by SFL Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Students For Liberty Korea put together a brand-new homepage that’s absolutely worth checking out. The same goes for our group in Singapore, which is also only about to get started. Their website, which you can find here, also contains an impressive section on “Learning Liberalism“, a project they have been working on during the last year.

Before ending this post, let me also point you towards a few upcoming events that you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the region:

  • Philippines National Conference, May 20-21, 2017, Manila. Find out more and register here!
  • Equal Is Unfair. Lecture by Yaron Brook, Hong Kong, May 18, 2017 (free of charge). Sign up here!

And then, there’s one last big announcement…

Do you have a passion for liberty? Do you want to be part of the global student movement that fights for a freer future in every continent on the planet? Do you want to develop leadership skills, learn how to start a local group, organize events and meet tons of amazing like-minded individuals? And you’re from South East, East or Central Asia, or the Middle East? Look no further!

The Charter Teams Training, which will teach you all this and much more, is now accepting applicants on a rolling basis. All you have to do? Check out our page for more info, and don’t hesitate to submit your application! For questions, please contact Daniel Issing at [email protected].


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