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May 7, 2017
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ASFL – Kenya Campus Caravan of Liberty visits 3 more universities

The Campus Caravan on issue based political dialogue in Kenya visited 3 more universities in April. Forums wereheld at Mount Kenya University, Main Campus (on 8th April), Scott University, Machakos (on 22nd April) and University of Nairobi, MSA Campus (on 29th April).

The caravan endeavors to contribute to the creation of a society based on issues and not tribal politics as is the current situation in Kenya.


University of Ghana Liberty Forum

The campus liberty train project, with support from Atlas Network organized a liberty forum at the University of Ghana on the 9th of April with 32 participants. This is the second university that will be visited under this project. The aim of the liberty forum is to foster the understanding of classical liberalism among students as well as motivate them to create pro-liberty groups in their schools and be more involved in the liberty movement. Participants were able to listen to speakers on different topics, interact and leave with copies of the book, ‘Peace, Love, Liberty’.


ASFL – Ghana Leadership Forum

21 ASFL leaders and pro-liberty students in Ghana and Nigeria gathered for this Leadership Forum, the first of its kind in Ghana. The aim of this forum was to bring together ASFL leaders in country to learn from one another and interact about challenges they are facing in the country, how they can solve them and how they can expand to more schools in the country. Participants were grouped into 3 classes where they learnt about ‘leadership styles & group forming’, ‘elevators pitch’, ‘writing in defense of liberty’ and ‘fund raising’.

The new Local Coordinators present at the forum presented their Strategic Action Plans highlighting things they intend to do in the year and how they hope to achieve them.


Liberty Workshop at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

Students from 5 higher institutions in Nigeria gathered in OAU for the Liberty Workshop which was held on the 14th of April 2017. The workshop, led by Local Coordinator, Nathaniel Luz had  3 speakers.

Jeffery Tucker, Director of Content at Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), spoke on Property Rights via Skype. Babarinde Kayode, Advisor at African Youth Peace Call (AYPC), spoke on crypto currency.Adeniyi Moronfolu, West African Regional Director spoke on “Economic Freedom and Government Over Regulation in Nigeria.


Training & Tabling at the Institute of Tax Administration, Der es Salaam, Tanzania

On the 14th and 15th of April, 2017, ASFL in Tanzania had a leadership training and tabling event at the Institute of Tax Administration. Day 1 of the event was a class training by Evans Exaud for the 11 participating students of the school. The training included events organizing, introduction to SFL, Libertarianism and how to conduct tabling events.  on day 2, a tabling event was organized in the institute, through which students were introduced to several educational opportunities available in SFL, especially the Liberty in Africa course. 30 new students got registered.


ASFL – Nigeria Liberty Hangout

ASFL Leaders in Nigeria took time out at the Green Legacy Resort in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria on the 15th of April to catch fun and discuss progress made so far in the year as well as challenges being faced. 54 students from different institutions were present at this event. Leaders also used the opportunity to network and discuss several issues concerning advocacy, programs and expansion.


Foundations of a Free Society Campaign goes to DR Congo

With support from NFS, Students For Liberty in Burundi led by Aimable Manirakiza has been able to organize events on the theme “Foundations of a Free Society” in Burundi, Rwanda and recently in the Democratic Republic of  Congo. This events have led to the formation of groups in these countries. 6 media campaigns were also conducted with various journalists and media houses in these countries.

In Congo, the team visited the Great Lakes University (13-14 April) and Institution Paramedical d’Uvira, DRC on the 14th April.


Western Uganda SFL Conference

On the 19th April 2017, students in Uganda gathered for a day conference at the Mekerere University Business School. The conference with the theme “entrepreneurship for peace and prosperity” was designed to promote the benefits of entrepreneurship as a source of peace and prosperity in Uganda. SFL Uganda’s team led by Mugabi John, Francis Orache, Charles Nkonge organized the conference with participants coming from 5 universities.

Copies of ‘the morality of capitalism’ text were distributed to the participants at the event.


Tabling and Fresh students welcome at FUNAAB

African Liberty Students Organization (ALSO), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta had a tabling event to welcome fresh students during the school’s matriculation ceremony on the 26th of April.

During this event, volunteers interacted with several students and collected contacts of interested ones so they can follow-up them. Some participants also got texts of Why Liberty and Peace, Love, Liberty free of char


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