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April 2017 Update


SFL North America

Speak Freely Summit

Our largest event in April was a massive success. With over 200 registrants, the Speak Freely Summit provided an opportunity for liberty-minded people to collaborate on the best practices to further free speech on campuses throughout North America. We were honored to host Dave Rubin, Flemming Rose, Casey Given, Faisal Mutar, Sara Taksler, Rob Montz, and Jim Caruso as speakers at this special event alongside our Speak Freely Advocates.

To read more about the Speak Freely Summit, check out a blog post written by one of our student leaders, Caitlyn Tierney, here!

Free to Be Art Gala at NYU

The Free to Be Art Gala took place in New York to stress the importance of the arts in a free society. Artists who were showcased included Joe Salvatore, director of Her Opponent, a gender-swapped version of the 2016 Presidential Debates, Lou Perez of We The Internet, and Rob Clove, a musician and social activist. A huge shout-out to our student leader, Calvin Tran for organizing this incredible event!

More information on the gala can be found here.

Media Attention

SFL’s Director of North American Programs David Clement appeared on CBC to discuss Canadian drug policy on behalf of the Consumer Choice Center. Check out his appearance here.

Alongside the Consumer Choice Center, SFL activists in the UK caught the attention of various media outlets with the country’s first Nanny State Corner Store. The store was an attempt to mock the increasing amount of lifestyle regulations being passed by all levels of government. Check out The Daily Caller article here and the Spiked Online piece here.

Click here to see more of our media highlights from the past month!

National Cannabis Festival

We were proud to be represented at the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC. This festival is a celebration of the progress made on marijuana legalization in DC and throughout the United States. The crowd was very friendly and receptive to our ideas. The war on drugs has brought more violence into the world and we are eager to see a more sensible approach taken when it comes to drug policy.

Things aren’t likely to go quiet around here anytime soon, so stay tuned for more updates from Students For Liberty!

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