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May 19, 2017
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May 19, 2017

Imantaka Nugraha

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SFL Indonesia president bringing the free market to Jakarta

Imantaka Nugraha paying a visit to F.A. Hayek’s resting place

Imantaka Nugraha is one of the co-founders of SFL Indonesia and currently serves as their president. Imantaka initiated and co-founded SFL Indonesia in August 2015 right after he attended the International Society for Individual Liberty world conference in Bali, where he met many SFLers from all around the world. Since then, SFL Indonesia has grown rapidly into an organization that inspired many other SFL chapters in Southeast Asia. He has spoken at many events in the entire Pacific region on topics such as the sharing economy and Uber, the liberty movement in Indonesia, religious freedom, free market environmentalism, inefficiencies of state-owned businesses and so forth.

With SFL Indonesia, Imantaka has organized many workshops, seminars, and public discussions to educate young Indonesians about the heart and soul of classical liberalism. In 2016, Imantaka, alongside with other SFLers in Indonesia,brought the first-ever SFL conference to Southeast Asia.

In February 2017, Imantaka graduated from the Universitas Indonesia’s Faculty of Law after writing his thesis on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin – this was the first time that Austrian economists such as Rothbard, Mises and Menger were cited in a thesis written at the university! Currently, he is in the process of expanding his thesis into a book.

Earlier this year, he was chosen as one of the three finalists for SFL’s Student Of The Year Award and attended the ceremony in Washington during the ISFLC. At the moment, he works as a legal associate in one prominent market-entry consultancy firm in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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