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June 27, 2017
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June 27, 2017

Jorge Colindres

SFL Latin America

Advancing Free-Market Solutions to Poverty in Honduras

Jorge Colindres is a former Executive Board member of Eslibertad (2015-2016) who joined SFL-Eslibertad in the year 2014 as a Local Coordinator in Honduras with the purpose of building up a team of students that researched, understood and spread the ideas of economic and political freedom at several Honduras college campuses where there were no groups focused on those ideas.

It was during that same year that Jorge and his team had an important role in solving a conflict that was taken place at the Autonomous University (UNAH-VS) where a group of Marxist students decided to take over the entire campus in a violent manner by intimidating students and physically harming some of the professors. It was during this occasion that SFL Honduras team with other LC´s such as Christian Betancourt were able to organize more than 200 students in order to protest against the hostile takeover of the university and defend their right to attend classes without being under threat. In the end, SFL Honduras was successful and their efforts allowed the students and authorities to recover the control of campus.

As a consequence of the great work done by the SFL Honduras team that year, they won the Event of the Year Award in the 2015 ISFLC and Jorge’s story was also covered by the Fox News show Stossel. Following this, in 2016 the SFL Honduras team hosted their first ever Regional Conference with more than 700 attendees at Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras (UTH).

Jorge has been also one of the pioneers of Fundación Eléutera in Honduras, a think tank dedicated to public policy analysis and the defense of rule of law, market economics and human rights. Lately, Jorge has been working as the Law Director of Fundación Eléutera by leading the research for public policy reforms, among which a couple of studies have been published related to a tax reform in Honduras with 15 new structural proposals which were estimated to benefit around 2 million people and which were mainly promoted through Eléutera. Nowadays, in Honduras, a company or business can be created through an online platform in one day and at the cost of USD 45 thanks to the influence Eléutera had with the Tax reform.

It has been thanks to this great work, that Jorge has been able to win the John Blundell Elevator Pitch of the Atlas Network and as well Eléutera was awarded the Miguel Kast Award to Free Market Solutions to Poverty during the 2017 Latin American Liberty Forum celebrated in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For these reasons, Jorge considers Students For Liberty as the key component for his professionalization as a liberty advocate, result tracking skills, accountability performance skills, fundraising techniques and a great opportunity for networking with some of the most brilliant and prestigious scholars and entrepreneurs of the Spanish-speaking Americas and the world. The importance and relevance of SFL-Eslibertad for Jorge resides in its role as a platform that effectively empowers and connects everyone that has an authentic interest to defend freedom in his country, which in the end makes it an invaluable platform to create significant impact and change such as the tax reform proposal from Eléutera or recovering the safety of a college campus which was taken over by Marxist students.

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