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July 6, 2017
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July 6, 2017

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The Impact of student leaders on shaping the future of the European Union

This past month, our student leaders in Europe attended two liberal forums in the European Parliament. These events gathered the young representatives of liberal and democratic parties and organizations from all over the Europe. In the end, the students managed to work out a joint statement to be sent to the European Parliament as a joint statement on many of the pressing matters facing the current and future development of the European Union.

The Members of European Parliament (MEP) will now be able to see what issues the youth of Europe considers to be important. As Iryna Kryvda, a senior local coordinator of European Students For Liberty said, “I am proud to realize the values that both I and the other ESFLers share such as cooperation, embrace of new technologies, free markets and less regulation will be heard by MEPs who work on legislation that impacts every person in the EU member states.”

During these events at the European Parliament, our student leaders worked on discussing policies and drafted proposals that should be implemented to increase cooperation between European countries and cut the red tape and overbearing regulations. At the European Parliament, our student leaders held meetings and discussed the current economic and political issues with the EU commissioner of trade, a former US diplomat, a NATO representative and other people who are shaping the future of Europe.

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