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July 2017 Update

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August 11, 2017
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August 12, 2017

SFL North America

SFL Day of Service

Sunday, July 9th Students For Liberty held our first SFL Day of Service! Our #SFLGivesBack project gave our student leaders across the United States and Canada the chance to come together and show the value of civil society! The event took place in six major U.S. cities – Anchorage, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Madison, Lubbock, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.


When the event was over, our student leaders had the opportunity to feed hundreds in need, as well as pass out cold water and toiletries. We had a wonderful time helping others, and this experience serviced as an important reminder for us that it’s necessary for young libertarians to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

For more information about SFL’s Day of Service check our Matthew Boyer’s, SFL’s Media Relations Associate, article in Rare!


SFL at FreedomFest X

On July 19-22, Students For Liberty attended the “world’s largest gathering of free minds,” FreedomFest X at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of our student leaders, we able to arrive a day early to attend the Atlas Society annual Atlas Summit and had a wonderful time! Our student ambassadors had a wonderful time introducing attendees to Students For Liberty’s mission, meeting speakers, and experiencing everything FreedomFest had to offer!

We had the pleasure of meeting many of FreedomFest’s attendees at our booth. We really enjoyed getting to know so many liberty-minded people! We passed out our stickers, literature, pens, and other swag, but our “Less Marx More Mises” t-shirts definitely got the most attention!

Congressman Thomas Massie and Congressman Justin Amash both showed their support for the #LessMarxMoreMises movement!

Students For Liberty’s CEO, Dr. Wolf von Laer, was also busy spreading the ideas of Liberty! Wolf gave two presentations during FreedomFest, “The Student Movement for Liberty: A Case for Optimism” and “How Young People Make the World a Freer Place” with student leaders Natalie Bao Tram Le and Savannah Lindquist. He also spoke on an Atlas Society panel about the “Future of Objectivism.”

SFL’s North American Communications Chair, Savannah Lindquist was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Moody about being a young libertarian activist. Her commentary was featured in a CNN Politics article talking about how polarizing this recent election was for young libertarians.

We had a wonderful time at FreedomFest X and left feeling even more excited about both the future of the #LessMarxMoreMises movement and SFL’s LibertyCon coming up in the spring!

North American Regional Conferences Announced

Students For Liberty is excited to announce our fall lineup of stellar Regional Conferences!


This semester’s lineup is as follows:

October 7
North Central Regional Conference (Minneapolis, MN)

October 14
Great Plains Regional Conference (Columbia, MO)

October 21
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference (College Park, MD)
Pacific Northwest Regional Conference (Eugene, OR)

October 28
Southeast Regional Conference (Tallahassee, FL)

November 4
Northeast Regional Conference (New York, NY)
Blue Ridge Regional Conference (Charlotte, NC)
Midwest Regional Conference (Columbus, OH)
Canada West Regional Conference (Vancouver, BC)
Southwest Regional Conference (Orem, UT)

November 11
South Central Regional Conference (Lubbock, TX)

November 18
Canada East Regional Conference (Toronto, ON)

Students For Liberty’s Regional Conferences are completed planned and executed by our student leaders in their respective regions. These Regional Conferences provide liberty-minded students with a special opportunity to network, hear from distinguished speakers, meet link-minded students, and develop the skills need to advocate for a freer future!

Register for a SFL Regional Conference today! You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

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