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July 2017 Update

SFL Charter Teams

July 2017 Update

Liberty is back! Our leaders spend the last few months meticulously preparing a series of events that took place in July. Even though little more than half of 2017 has yet passed, we’re already sure sure that those will be remembered as highlights of the year.

First off was our newly-launched group in Singapore, led by Bryan Cheang and Donovan Choy. Their presentation on “LGBT Rights and Market Capitalism: Friend or Foe?” attracted over 50 students and might well be the most successful launch event an SFL group has ever had. If you’re from the area and didn’t have the chance to attend this one, don’t miss “The Dangers of Political Populism” on August 26th, featuring Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Chief Executive of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAs).



The second big July event certainly was a conference hosted by SFL Philippines on July 21-22, which brought in more than 60 people. Speakers included Business Week columnist Nonoy Oplas, former German MP Markus Löning as well as the president of Liberal International, the Andorran diplomat and former foreign minister Juli Minoves. This gathering truly was a silver lining on the horizon that the country so direly needs, especially in view of recent attempts by the Duterte administration to scale up their already rampant authoritarianism.



Finally, SFL Korea also had a conference of their own, which took place on July 29 in Seoul. Given their strategy to focus on students who were already interested in libertarianism, more than 30 attendees certainly make this conference a success. Speakers included Lee Yu Mi and Professor Kim Jeong Ho. Visit their page to stay updated!

And the next big event is just around the corner: Only a few days left to go until the Asia-Pacific Conference in Jakarta will open its doors. Make sure to register now for the biggest gathering of liberty-lovers the region has ever seen!

Does this sound interesting to you? In that case, I’d encourage you to consider applying for our Charter Teams Program. Check out our page for more info, and don’t hesitate to submit your application! For questions, please contact Daniel Issing at [email protected].


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