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Why Libertarians Should Read the “Great Books”
October 3, 2017
O capitalismo não gera a pobreza
October 3, 2017

We are pleased to announce the following student leaders have earned a spot on Students For Liberty’s 2017-2018 blog team!

These are some of the most passionate student writers in the pro-liberty movement today and we at SFL are excited to see them intelligently contribute to spreading the ideals of economic, social, and academic freedom through our blog.

With this year’s new team, the blog is also getting a whole new look! The SFL blog is now “A Freer Future” looking forward to the great strides for liberty we know are on the horizon. See the new face of SFL online here.


Parker Jenkins is a sophomore political science and philosophy student at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. When he’s not studying politics and philosophy, he is involved in his fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha, sings baritone for the choir program, plays trombone for the band program, writes for his school’s student publication, and leads his school’s campus liberty group. His academic and ideological interests include the history of libertarian thought, ethics, political philosophy, public choice economics, political liberalism, and (recently) the philosophy of death. This is Parker’s second year as a Campus Coordinator with SFL and his first year as a member of the blog team.

Jorge Jraissati studies Economics and Business Management at the FAU Honors College. Among the most followed and recognized young political figures of his country, Jorge speak out about the human rights violations of the current Venezuelan regime, the results of socialist economic policies, necessary reforms and, most importantly, the ongoing fight for liberty in Venezuela.

Garrett Kehr is a fourth year senior at Capital University studying political science.  In addition to his studies, he is active in the student liberty movement and has held roles in both Students For Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty. Garrett is passionate about digital privacy and criminal justice reform. For more updates follow him on Twitter @GarrettKehr

John Knetemann has been involved with the liberty movement and Students For Liberty since he was a senior in high school. For university, he attended South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where he majored in Interdisciplinary Sciences and minored in geology. Throughout school, John served as a Campus Coordinator, an Executive Board member, and intern for Students For Liberty. He now lives in Denver, Colorado.

Diana Korir studies Management in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also a graduate from Maseno University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and plans to enroll for Master of Arts in Economics. Apart from being a Students For Liberty Local Coordinator, Diana is a promoter of good governance and currently researches youth involvement in politics. Diana am interested in writing about Africa’s Economic Resurgence, public policy, free trade, freedom of speech, youth participation in politics and feminism.

Heike Lehner is an ESFL Local Coordinator and currently lives in Vienna, where she is finishing her degrees in Economics & International Business. She is interested in everything concerning money, with a little bit of politics and economics here and there. Heike aspires to understand human behavior some day. 

Gabi Maylock is a graduate student studying Critical Studies in Education at Ohio University. Gabi earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication and a minor in Business-Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown in 2016. She’s currently serving as an SFL Campus Coordinator and Vice President of the local YAL chapter, but she has been a liberty advocate since 2011. Gabi is most passionate about issues regarding free speech, alternative education, drug decriminalization, and social justice through a libertarian lens.

Satchel Park is a SFL Campus Coordinator and studies political science University of Montevallo. He’s passionate about freedom and liberty and wants to one day be a public policy advisor.

James Paek is a student at the University of Georgia and an activist. He strives to raise awareness about the liberty movement and freedom through writing and public speaking.

Gina Santiago is a Philadelphia native who currently resides in “upstate” NY. She is completing her PhD in philosophy at Binghamton University, with her hopes set on joining the ranks of useless, Humanities PhDs. She is a co-host of the brand-new Westerm Canon Podcast and is looking forward to joining the libertarian blogosphere.

Zachary Woodman is a SFL Senior Campus Coordinator studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and plans on pursuing a career in academia. His research interests include behavioral economics, gay rights, political economy, Austrian economics, neo-pragmatist philosophy, philosophy of the social sciences, public policy, and anarchist political theory. His main intellectual influences include Friedrich Hayek, JS Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, William James, Richard Rorty, Richard Bernstein, James Buchanan, and Don Lavoie.



Here are our Blog Editors:

Michelle Zhitomirsky is the Academic Programs Chair at Students For Liberty and an interdisciplinary Arts and Science undergraduate student pursuing an economics major at McMaster University. As an experienced creative writer, Michelle is eager to share her knowledge about writer’s craft with SFL’s brilliant blogging team.

Cory Massimino is the Senior Academic Programs Chair at Students For Liberty, the Mutual Exchange Coordinator at the Center for a Stateless Society and  a Young Voices Advocate. He also studies philosophy in Texas where he lives with his partner and their four cats and a dog. Cory is passionate about foreign policy, civil liberties, and criminal justice issues. His writings have appeared in outlets such as The Guardian and The American Conservative.

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