Europe: September 2017 Update

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October 10, 2017
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October 10, 2017

SFL Europe
September 2017 UPDATE

Regional Conference Season kicked off!

September marked the beginning of our continent-wide Regional Conference season! The first five conferences were held in Podgorica (Montenegro), Kyiv (Ukraine), Reykjavík (Iceland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Ankara (Turkey) with a great success.

Bringing together thousands of students from all over the world, featuring dozens of international speakers and offering an absolutely unique experience, European Students For Liberty Regional Conference Season belongs among the highlights of the year for liberty-minded people in Europe. This year, our leaders are bringing this opportunity to 18 European cities from Reykjavík to Tel Aviv.

Do you want to see how our conferences look like? Check out this awesome new video from the Kyiv RC (Free Generation Forum, September 23, 2017):

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Lecture on drug regulation in Belarus

ESFL alumni and public policy expert Alfredo Pascual gave a lecture on drug regulation and the legal status of cannabis in various countries in Minsk, Belarus on September 29.

The event was organised by the activists of the social movement “Action” and the Belarusian local ESFL group. The lecture was a part of the “Legalize Belarus” campaign which is also lead by our Belarusian leaders. The goal of the campaign is to promote the ideas of minimal state and a free society through different public events and civic education in Belarus.

Tabling season

Since freshmen are just now arriving on their universities, our student leaders are busy planning and executing tablings and other recruitment campaigns all over Europe! The students in our group network get really creative in their recruitment efforts. Students For Liberty Czech Republic initiated a great discussion during one of the student fairs in Prague with this survey. Among the questions were: “Should people have the right to: smoke marihuana, use other drugs, work on Sunday, work for lower than minimum wage, bear arms, sell a kidney, sell a hug or a kiss, immigrate freely into Czech republic” and more.

Local Coordinators from Kosovo featured on national TV

Our Local Coordinators from Kosovo Iliria Kajdomqaj Roni Idrizaj were quite busy  last month with the promotion of the Prishtina Regional Conference. They also got a change to present the event and ESFL during two different interviews on national television. Check out the first interview on the morning show SOT here:

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