What is free expression? A lot more than we commonly think. It’s a street artist creating a mural, it’s a political dissenter speaking truth to power, it’s the feeling you have when you’re afraid to speak out, but you know your ideas have value and weight. Don’t let them shut you up, your voice is important and deserves to be heard.

The freedom to express one’s ideas is an important factor for the individuals to flourish in a truly free society. As a concept, this allows us to explore, learn, and innovate in ways that challenge both ourselves and the status quo. Being tolerant and enjoying the freedom to express oneself is essential to a thriving marketplace of ideas and are instrumental to lasting freedom from oppression.

Students For Liberty’s  Freedom of Expression course explores the free speech wars from a standpoint of open intellectual inquiry, and with this, you will be able to learn how to make the case for free expression to anyone and everyone. Your professors won’t be able to laugh you off when you’re armed with these persuasive arguments.

You will be able to explore the free speech debate from an intellectual angle. There’s a lot more to this than Milo and friends! In this course, you’ll  learn why free expression is enshrined in the Bill of Rights, how the Free Speech Movement made massive strides for social justice at Berkeley in the 1960s, and what that means for political discourse today.

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