Media Mogul to speak at LibertyCon 2018

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October 19, 2017
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October 19, 2017

We’re excited to announce today that Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, will return to SFL as a LibertyCon speaker this year! 

ForbesSteve2011_GD14307g (1)-338087-edited.jpgYou’ll of course know him from publications like Forbes magazine and Forbes Asia. Together, these publications reach more than 5 million readers worldwide. Meanwhile, has become one of the world’s most influential websites, with more than 80 million unique visitors a month.

What you may not know is that Mr. Forbes has also dedicated great time and energy to the defense of markets and individual freedom. And he’s a big fan of Students For Liberty and the work that we do. Here’s what he had to say about SFL’s work:

“Students For Liberty is the pre-eminent voice of campuses across America for limited government, free markets, and most importantly, individual freedom.” 

We’re thrilled that Mr. Forbes, who has twice run for the Republican presidential nomination on a platform of Social Security reform, school choice, and simplified taxes, will join us once again at the annual Students For Liberty gathering —  LibertyCon — this March 2-4th in Washington, DC. 

Last year, not only did Mr. Forbes speak on an opening-night panel, he also took questions in the Liberty Lounge and engaged our friends and supporters in a rousing conversation there on the future of the liberty movement, and the role media plays in political change.

Check out the full speaker line up (and our new trailer!!)..


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