The White House of Horrors: A Halloween Tale

October 30, 2017
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October 31, 2017

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It is a wretched place. Washington D.C. This time of year the changing winds are really starting to creep onto its residents. Furthermore, students of Georgetown are throwing massive halloween parties. Could you imagine a more terrifying setting? The frightful place where Regan MacNeil was possessed. The Exorcist may have scared people in the seventies, but I can tell that today in order to scare, we need something really scary. Something like what can be found a few blocks across Foggy Bottom. It has always lived there, on Pennsylvania Avenue… Or at least for a long while.

What is it? Hard to describe. It changes a lot, and I guarantee it will change again. However, no matter how it changes, it always has an unquenchable taste for blood… like that of sacrifice. It lives in a house.

It is there.

In many ways, it seems it is the house itself, but one would think they were mad to think such things. You may not believe me when I say it, but its evil and lurking presence can be felt almost everywhere. In the streets, on your phone, even across the ocean.

It is there.

You may think this sounds too far fetched to be true, but I assure you it is. Allow me to tell you a few stories:

Two years ago, the setting was an October Saturday in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Yes, it can reach even this far. It was around 2:10 AM in an all quiet hospital when it striked. Within an instant it happened, one couldn’t even see it coming. Nineteen people were killed. Killed by it.

Seventy-five years ago, it did something no one could imagine today. It spread its tentacles westward and abducted over a hundred thousand people and held them isolated for years.  These abductions had a very clear pattern. One that was indistinguishable. Almost every single one of the abductees was Japanese-American.

Only four years ago, we all learned that it was watching us. It was harvesting tens of millions of telephone records from across the United States. It held secret court rituals to fulfill this harvest. It held a prism to the entire country in which it could see us all.

It has filled graveyards, it has torn apart families, and it never stops. Could it be given a name? It could… The White House. But this name makes it seem as if the house itself is doing the deeds. Do not take solace thinking a house committed these atrocities. The horror truly lies with the people who are inside the house, and to those that have been inside the house. Like I said, it always changes.

Within this whole tale hides the scariest truth of them all. The truth that sends the most chilling shudders down my spine. This scandal. This treachery. That all this horror and terror can prevail, and nothing is done to stop it? No, every four years we not only don’t end it…

We all elect it.

Happy Halloween.

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