Europe: October 2017 Update

The dangerous marriage of science and state: Eugenics
November 6, 2017
5 Living Libertarian Academics You Should Know About
November 7, 2017

SFL Europe
October 2017 UPDATE

Over 600 students gathered at the Regional Conference in Madrid!

With the Regional Conference season in full swing, October is traditionally one of the busiest months for SFL in Europe. Last October was no exception. Over 600 students gathered in Madrid for the biggest Regional Conference we’ve ever held in Europe. Bringing together over 1 400 liberty lovers, other conferences in Prague, Brno (Czech Republic), Bitola (Macedona), Tel Aviv (Israel), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina) and Prishtina (Kosovo) were also a huge success.

Six conferences are still ahead of us, check them out!

Join the #GenerationFree

We are currently searching for students in Europe who share our vision of a freer future and who want to take their passion tothe next level!

Our Local Coordinator Leadership Training Program takes ordinary students and turns them into extraordinary leaders by providing tools for leadership, events management, marketing, fundraising, campaign and group management, resources, speakers, and by connecting them with opportunities to develop their skills with real life valuable experiences. Join a live Q&A Session about the program this Thursday!
  • ESFL educates by promoting the ideas of liberty through our events and free materials.
  • ESFL develops with extensive and advanced training both online and at in-person retreats.
  • ESFL empowers with real experiences and skills, and with opportunities from our partners and international network of peers.

Legalize Belarus initiative launched new website

Today more than 15000 Belarusians are imprisoned for drug-related crimes. Most of these people are young drug users caught with 1-2 g of marijuana smoking with their friends. They are being deprived of their liberty for 5-8 years. In terrible condition prisons they are humiliated by staff and other convicts and forced to physical unpaid labour for the state.

To fight back, Students For Liberty Belarus together with a Civic movement “Dzieja” and other pro-liberty organisations in Belarus launched a nation-wide campaign with a purpose of civic education, advocacy and support of people subjected to criminal prosecution. You can check the new website here.

Hack the rules campaign by SFL Montepllier

A recently established European Students for Liberty (ESFL) group in Montpellier kicked off with their first campaign. The goal is to raise awareness among young people about libertarianism through presenting liberty advocates such as Frederic Bastiat and Ayn Rand in a postmodern light.

As the founder of the group and a Local Coordinator Matthieu. O. Durand explained, “With this campaign we want to show that being a libertarian means breaking the rules in order to find new frontiers and new perspectives, and, thus, discover the real you.”. Montpellier SFL also launched their own website and is now working on expanding their campaign across other universities and recruiting new leaders.

SpeakFreely’s Spoooooky Halloween Special

Our SpeakFreely bloggers got together and collected scary stories from their home countries. 👻 What’s the spookiest thing your government did this year? Read more here.

As part of the network of European Students for Liberty, Speak Freely unites enthusiastic bloggers from all over Europe who defend the values of individualism, personal responsibility, self-ownership and limited government.


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