Charter Teams:
October 2017 Update

SFL Charter Teams

October 2017 Update

Singapore has one of the world’s toughest anti-drug laws. Certain instances of smuggling or trafficking carry mandatory death sentences, , and enjoys widespread support not only among government officials, but also in the blogosphere, for its effectiveness in fighting addiction. In this climate, it is all the more remarkable that our brave libertarians from SFL Singapore set out to tackle the narrative by hosting a presentation on “Sex, Drugs, And Rock’n’Roll: The Economics of Drug Prohibition“. Featuring Bart Remes of Economica Action, they covered several unintended consequences of the attempt to keep the public from consuming illicit substances: Government-backed drug cartels, overdosing, gang warfare and overcriminalization. More than 60 attendees took their Saturday afternoon off to join, and a vivid debate continued long after the official part ended.

Meanwhile in Japan, our students organized their very first speaker event with a famous local entrepreneur. Congrats for this! Indonesia, in turn, brought IDEAS Senior Economist Carmelo Ferlito to Jakarta for a lecture on “Entrepreneurship and The Meaning of Capital”. And, as a glimpse into the months to come, they are already working on the next conferences – stay tuned!



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