Conference Season 2017: That’s a wrap!

Liya Palagashvili, Ph.D.
New York
November 27, 2017
No me victimices, empodérame con la segunda enmienda: El reclamo de una sobreviviente de abuso sexual
November 27, 2017

Students For Liberty has officially wrapped up our 2017 North American Regional Conference season! These year we had the opportunity to host 13 Regional Conferences across the United States and Canada, including Vancouver, New York City, and Eugene, Oregon.

Students For Liberty’s Regional Conferences are a series of unique events that are are completely planned and executed by our student leaders. Regional Conferences provide a fantastic opportunity for liberty-minded students unlike any other on today’s college campuses.
Distinguished speakers, which included Governor Bill Weld, John Stossel, David Boaz, Jeffrey Tucker, Tom Palmer, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Dr. Jim Lark, and Austin Petersen, inspired attendees to take action and develop the tools necessary to make their campuses and world a freer place.

This year we had the opportunity to use our Regional Conferences to reach over 1,300 attendees with the philosophy of libertarianism. Since conferences are held across North America, we have a unique chance to bring the ideas of liberty to students that were previously unfamiliar with the philosophy. Many of SFL’s top campus leaders first got involved in the Liberty movement from a Regional Conference, and it’s one of the many reasons we look forward to the Regional COnference season all year!

“The Conference for me was great because of all the new people! There were people from all over the region that I got to meet and talk to.There were folks that came in not knowing a lot about why liberty was important, and left with sampling of many different perspectives from some of the greats in the Liberty movement.”
– Kal Randa, Campus Coordinator in Minnesota

Each of our Regional Conferences features a unique speaker line-up and tackles a topic chosen by the conference organizers. This year we had a diverse range of topics! The Mid-Atlantic #ExpressYourself Regional Conference in College Park, Maryland focused on the hot-topic of free expression. The Great Plains #OpenHeartsOpenMarkets Regional Conference in Columbia, Missouri focused on the humanitarian case for free markets. The Northeast #GoingForward Regional Conference in New York, New York tackled the topic of political instability and what it means for the future of the Liberty movement!

“The South West conference was incredible. We had a diverse range of speakers and [sponsors], and it was great to see all the amazing liberty folk gathered together again. Every time I go to a liberty gathering, it cheers my heart. My favorite part was the Praxis panel with Derek Magill and T.K. Coleman. They talked about the importance of hard work in education, and that there are many ways to do that, not just in a standard school setting. It hit really close to home. Derek works in the same field as I do, so I really appreciated his advice that he gave.”
– Sierra Williams, Campus Coordinator in Utah

“The North Central conference really reminded me what it means to be a libertarian. There were plenty of disagreements about policy, yet everyone coexisted in an open, friendly atmosphere. The amazing speakers and food were a bonus, but a pretty big one.”
– Bradley Foster, Campus Coordinator in North Dakota

Now that the exciting Regional Conference season is over, we’re excited for Liberty Con! Hosted March 2-4, 2018, #LibertyCon will be the premier pro-liberty conference of 2018. Join us in Washington D.C. and help usher in a new chapter for the global liberty movement ‒ just when we need it most. Confirmed speakers already include Steve Forbes, John Mackey (CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods), Johnny C. Taylor (President and CEO of Thurgood Marshall College Fund), and Maxime Bernier (Member of Parliament).

Register today to reserve your space and #BeFree at Liberty Con 2018!

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