9 Tips For #LibertyCon18 Freshers

January 10, 2018
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January 10, 2018
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January 10, 2018

*If you have never ever attended any of the four annual European Students For Liberty Conferences or last year’s LibertyCon, this message is for you!

This is your primary guide to the three days of pro-liberty fiesta, filled with the great outline of speakers, a number of one of a kind activities, two unforgettable parties and a network of 1000+ individuals sharing this unique experience along with you. Though we will not teach you how to listen to as many lectures as possible (this is something you will certainly come up with), we will guide you to getting the most out of it. Scroll down and get ready to blow up the stage!

  1. First and foremost, don’t panic. Once you see a crowd of those crazy crypto-addictive and tech-driven individuals wearing “Peace, Love, Liberty” t-shirts being always eager to get engaged in the debates over Rand and Zweig, don’t panic. One day you might end up being one of them.
  2. There are essentially 3 must-know things about libertarians. They have an exquisitely amusing sense of humor (you’ll be amazed by the libertarian slang), there is no such thing as arrogance since no one takes themselves too seriously and they never get tired of talking.
  3. Meet as many people as possible. Some connections are simply meant to be built on those late Friday night talks over a glass of beer.
  4. Create buzz! There is a 3-step tutorial on how to master your social media life while attending the conference.Step 1. Take pictures at the venue with your friendsStep 2. Write there “Attending #LibertyCon18 Europe – THE BEST LIBERTYCON EVER”Step 3. Tag Students For Liberty to make them jealous.Insight: If following all steps correctly, you will also receive a bunch of likes from the whole ESFL network.
  5. Traditionally all SFL conferences are a place where you can get some really cool SWAG. But keep in mind: first come, first served.
  6. Don’t drink too much on the first night, because there is a second one. You definitely don’t want to miss the main socials, aka the craziest and the most memorable/gossiped/discussed night of the year.
  7. Get the most out of the network. You don’t need to pay hundreds of bucks to learn how to use bitcoin or read thousands of Wikipedia articles to figure out how to be richer. You can meet great entrepreneurs and BTC investors right at the LibertyCon.
  8. Hm… everyone has secrets. A lot of them take roots from the events like this when everyone meets just for 3 days to share the ideas of liberty…
  9. Party doesn’t end with the end of the conference. Keep that in mind when booking your travel itinerary. You might be willing to stay over for the few more days to enjoy the stunning views of the city and prolong the festive atmosphere with some fellow LibertyConers.

Lastly, be prepared to lose your head and leave your heart in Belgrade. This is inevitable, and still, there is always the morning after, which will open the door to the new old life. And then the contemplation for LibertyCon19 will begin. After all, as Coldplay puts it, ‘there is nothing here to run from’…

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