South Asia – January 2018

South Asia – January 2018

Local Coordinator Apoorva Bantula tells you everything that we’ve been up to this past month. 2018 is looking quite a productive year! 

The first colloquium of 2018 was conducted at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai by our Local Coordinator, Anas Khan, and Abeed Khader, Chairman, Executive Board on the 13th of January. The topic for the colloquium was  “Class Struggles and Individual Liberty: A market for Socialism?” Fourteen participants were shortlisted from a total 33 applications received, who deliberated as to how market means can be used to achieve socialist goals.

The next day, on the 14th of January, a  debate competition was held in Bhubaneswar by our Local Co-Ordinator Aditya Agarwal in association with the Literary Society ‘The Literatis’ of School of Law, KIIT University.

Following this, an interactive speaker session was hosted in Hyderabad by Ms. Sougandhi Bogupally, Regional Director, South India Region in association with the history club of St. Francis College for Women on the 18th of January.  The session was addressed by Mr. Chakravarthy Nalmotu, who is a libertarian and follower of Austrian School of Economics on “Understanding the gender wage gap – why women earn less than men?” which was then followed by a Quest Hour.

On 20th of January, “UnLockeD: Papers for a free society” was conducted at Daulat Ram College, the University of Delhi in collaboration with Eclat, the economics society by our Local Coordinator Kirtika Trehan. The theme for the paper presentation was “Is Taxation a theft?.” A total of 8 papers were shortlisted and presented from among 43 applications, with Mr. Abhinav Singh, co-founder of SASFL as the judge.

Another colloquium was conducted on 27th of January at Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepal with a participation of 19 members on “Market Regulation” by Local Coordinator Shasank Pokharel and Regional Director Siksha Bhattarai. In addition to the Colloquium, a total of 3 Speaker’s Corner events were also conducted in Nepal by Siksha and Dhiren Pradhan, a volunteer for SASFL. 

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