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February 2018 Update

SFL North America
February 2018 UPDATE

February was another great month for Students For Liberty – North America! As LibertyCon 2018 grew closer and closer, we rolled out more exciting program announcements!

LibertyCon Announcements

In February we announced the Women in Media panel featuring Kat Timpf (Fox/Barstool Sports), Mary Katharine Ham (CNN/The Federalist), Katherine Mangu-Ward (Reason) and Liz Wolfe (Young Voices). These women have years of value experience in media, and we’re excited to hear what they have to say!

We also announced a cryptocurrency debate between Peter Schiff and Sterlin Lujan. Peter Schiff is a businessman, investor, financial commentator, radio personality, author, and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. He is an adherent to the Austrian school of economics and regularly comments on the state of Bitcoin and gold. Sterlin Lujan is the Communications Ambassador for He has been deeply immersed in the crypto ecosystem since 2013, but did not get serious until 2015. He is an outspoken proponent of voluntary anarchism. 2017 has been the best year yet for cryptocurrencies, and we were excited to hear what both sides of the debate had to say at LibertyCon this past weekend!

Activism Highlights

February was filled with fantastic activism projects planned and executed by our student leaders. Here are some of the highlights:

Gun Violence Memorial: North American Executive Board member. Matthew Grooms, and Campus Coordinator, Justin Anderson, placed 500 handmade crosses on the steps of the Utah State Capitol. Once cross was placed for each person killed in a school shooting in the last 50 years. At the display, Matthew and Justin invited the public to donate to specific local mental health clinics to provide mental health access to youth who could not afford it otherwise.

Student leader Matt Grooms places wooden crosses in memory of victims of gun violence


Ben Shapiro: Students For Liberty at the University of Minnesota worked with partner organizations on campus to host conservative political commentator and lawyer, Ben Shapiro. Shapiro founded The Daily Wire, and currently serves as their Editor-in Chief. All 450 tickets for the event sold out, and over 700 additional people registered for the wait-list!

Ben Shapiro speaking at the University of Minnesota


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