Africa: April 2018 Update

Launch of SFL Sierra Leone: African Students For Liberty is pleased to welcome to the SFamiLy the newest group in Sierra Leone. At the event which marked the launching of the group’s activity in the country at Frubah College, University of Sierra Leone, Bob Shaffa the group’s leader told the members to push for personal, economic freedom, property rights, limited government, rule of law, free trade, entrepreneurship and personal responsibility. Shaffa charged the students that the future of the movement in the country is dependent on reaching out to and raising young leaders to become change advocates in their local communities.

Tanzania Free Market Debate: On 21 April, at the University of Dar es Salaam, SFL Tanzania organized ‘The Free Market Great Debate’, the first ever libertarian contest in Tanzania, designed to teach university students free market principles and give them a unique opportunity to argue various issues and views around the theme: “morality of capitalism” in connection to the current situation in Tanzania society.

Evans Nkya, Tanzania National Coordinator said the debate is to help students understand capitalism in its social, economic, cultural sense, and also develop their critical thinking capability in finding solutions to the current problems in the society and promote healthy competition and their understanding of the principles of free society.

Winners at the competition were awarded certificates, thus securing spots at the regional finals.

Economic Symposium at Morocco: To address the roots of economic backwardness in the Arab world, SFL Morocco on 23 April hosted an economic symposium along the lines of Institutional Economy Approach. Ahlam Qafas, a professor of economics at Ibn Tofail University touched on the role of institutions in the advancement of societies and the prosperity of their economy.

Debate Competition in Congo: Students For Liberty Great Lakes has formally launched the second edition of the internal, external competition and inter-country competition in Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The competition aims to attract more than 20 new universities and more than 1,000 new students from the Great Lakes region, learning classical liberal ideas, with the theme: ‘How to Reduce the Barriers to Prosperity and Opportunity in the Great Lakes Region’

The first phase of the internal competition has been held at the Université Notre Dame de Tanganyika Of Uvira, Congo with a participation of 67 participants. The debate series is supported by Network for a Free Society.

Liberty discourse at University of Nigeria: On 13 April, 2018, National Coordinator, Ibeh Don-Elvis hosted a Liberty discourse on Africapitalism and Innovation at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. The event also served as a revamping event for the campus chapter in UNN. 

Tabling event at Federal University of Technology: Local Coordinators Feyisade Adeyemi and Ebenezar Boyinbode on Saturday 13 April had a swell time talking to students and participants who thronged in to the business and entrepreneurship summit hosted at the Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo state.

Tabling in Ghana: SFL Ghana team led by Eric Coffie introduced participants at Liberian Students Association of Ghana Leadership Summit to ideas of liberty, individual rights and free market when he talked to the audience on the economic theory for the African people. It was an event that gathered students from the country’s universities and colleges. The students also learnt more about SFL when they called at the SFL stand at the event.

Inaugural SFL event at Kebbi State University: On 21 April, Local Coordinators Sodiq Alabi and Abel Omale hosted an inaugural event at Kebbi State University, Nigeria marking the launch of SFL presence in the school.

New SFL group at University of Kisii, Kenya: Students For Liberty Kenya on 28 April added a new group at University of Kisii to its ranks.


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