Tbilisi Leadership Forum: The 5th Edition

Georgian Students For Liberty held the 5th Leadership Forum in Tbilisi.

After reuniting Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijanian Students at the Caucasus Leadership Forum in the capital city of Georgia in 2017, this year Leadership Forum gathered 15 truly liberty-minded students at the Tech-Park. 

Two days training was focused on educating, developing and empowering young generation interested in contributing to the freer future. In the first day, students learned more about European Students For Liberty, Georgian Students For Liberty and its activities. All participants had a chance to deepen their knowledge about organizational issues and get some useful tips how to have a successful career. After such an informative day, all of them gathered at the social to get to know each other better and taste the Liberty Beer.

The second day started in a friendlier environment. Thanks to our amazing speakers, participants of the Leadership Forum had a chance to master their interviewing skills, debating and public speaking techniques during the workshops. In the final part of the forum, students were introduced to the European Students for Liberty Local Coordinator Program and got the well-deserved certificates. They also enjoyed their time at the social party in the nice environment.

– Katie Shoshiashvili, Local Coordinator from Tbilisi, Georgia

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