Phenomenon Bitcoin: Journey Through the World of Cryptocurrencies

On the 28th of April, Czech branch of Students For Liberty organized the first ever conference in Ostrava, third largest city in the Czech Republic! The title of the conference was Phenomenon Bitcoin: Journey through the world of cryptocurrencies, which is Fenomén Bitcoin: Cesta Světem Kryptoměn in the Czech language.

The main aim of the conference was to introduce the audience to the world of cryptocurrencies. We started with basics and during the whole conference we kept up with even more interesting topics such as how to use a technical and fundamental analysis or how to accept Bitcoin or Litecoin in a store. The highlight of the conference was the amazing speech on blockchain-based social site STEEMIT which has grown into the debate where every attendee could ask any speaker about anything that interested them.

For this conference, we gathered the best speakers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also reserved a very inspirative venue – ImpactHub Ostrava. Our organizing team was a bit nervous, but people were so happy with the atmosphere of the conference, so we were happy as well! Also, they liked our catering and the possibility to talk with top-class speakers in Ostrava, since the majority of the crypto events in Czech Republic are mostly held in main city Prague.

I would like to thank our organizing team and all Students For Liberty for the given opportunity to make this beautiful event happen. During the event, we had a chance to meet new inspirating people and also get lots of new contacts in Ostrava, so that now we are ready to kick off with other projects in Ostrava! we are already planning the next event to happen in June devoted to the use of psychedelics in therapy, research and self-development!

Stay tuned!
– Šimon Kozák, Local Coordinator at Students For Liberty CZ
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