The First SFL Meeting In Mali

African Students For Liberty has just launched its presence in Mali with an inaugural meeting held Wednesday, 20 June, 2018 at the University of Bamako. Moussa Kante, who facilitated the meeting, brought together 21 students explaining the foundational pricinples of ideas of freedom, SFL representation across the globe, online courses on SFL Academy, among other important stuff.

Moussa, who is currently enrolled in SFL’s Local Coordinator Training program has been following SFL activities for a long time. He sent a private message early in the year on his interest to join the network, and start up an SFL group in his home country.

‘Hi, I am a student from Mali and I want to join this group and take part in your activities. I want to be a member, have relations with other young Africans to free our continent. Thank you’, Moussa’s message to ASFL Facebook page read March 2, 2018.

Few months later, Moussa and team started off Students For Liberty in Mali.

Members of SFL Mali after the inaugural meeting

Speaking about Students For Liberty, and what SFL Mali means to him, Moussa said, “since a long time, I have been looking to join a youth organisation to fight totalitarianism and corruption that plagues the continent. I wanted to see a network where young people are connected, share ideas of freedom and discuss about the solutions that will lead to a prosperous and liberated Africa.”

“So glad with what we have started in Mali, and of course, there is so much promise of great things to come – working with young leaders to chart a new course of free peaceful, and prosperous country and the entire continent.”

We are so thankful for efforts of Moussa and team and hope to see more incredible stuff from the West African country. Bienvenue, SFL Mali!



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