Sacha Benhamou

Sacha Benhamou

SFL Europe

Student leader advocating liberty through political involvement in France

Sacha Benhamou, a National Coordinator for France with Students for Liberty, has found his way of advocating liberty through political involvement.

Sacha was first introduced to liberalism through the French think tank Génération Libre, before he was captivated by more “radical” thinkers such as Frederic Bastiat, Murray Rothbard, Lysander Spooner and Friedrich Hayek.

He got involved with En Marche, Emmanuel Macron’s party, during the 2017 presidential election, after hearing his refreshing speech about liberty. Even if Macron was not a proper liberal candidate, Sacha found an opportunity to share the ideas of liberty in a party open to new ideas, and full of people hoping for a change in the country. As a leader for the Jeunes avec Macron (youth movement for Macron party) in his region, he led two campaigns (presidential and for the representatives) and made most of his team involved in Students for Liberty as well, and curious in the ideas of liberty.

Just after the campaigns, Sacha was hired as policy and political advisor by a representative in the Assemblée Nationale. He wrote speeches, articles, and analysed public policy.

He was also elected General Secretary of the main representative assistant association. This top-tier assistant role offered him a great opportunity to discuss liberalism, promote it among his En Marche colleagues, and organize conferences about economics.

He left Parliament in July 2018 for a public affairs advisor’s agency. But, he stayed involved in the party, and trains young leaders in the liberal tradition, teaches them how to organize conferences, and also advises them on their entrepreneurial activities.

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