The Meraki of Liberty

Meraki (Greek): when you love doing something, anything, so much that you put ‘something of yourself’ into it.

Time can make you travel from one state to another, from being lost to getting found in the realm of reality. This is exactly what happened to me last February when I attended Leadership Forum in Tirana. The stars work in a miraculous way and I happened to be at the right place in the right moment with people who touched my heart with their ideas. It is strange how an Irish man can make your eyes filled with tears of joy every time he gives a presentation.

In this word only a few things, we can truly understand and at the same time heart and soul aligns. I quite didn’t belong anywhere, in the middle of the bridge enjoying the view, well until one day after the heavy rain of February made me jump so the river now deep enough would take me to the place full of peace, love, and liberty. It’s strange how sometimes a jump could save someone’s lives, that these ideas can turn into hope, a hope that makes you love who you truly are.

The ocean is endlessly full of amazing creatures and ideas that will keep the fire of your soul alive.

Each year by the end of the August ESFL organizes Top100 retreat to recap all that has happened in a year, to share the experience and drive new ideas and plans for the next year.

In fact, if you choose to participate in an ESFL conference, you have to prepare for much more than boring lectures that attain only the attention of a few people in the front. Indeed, eagerly you would wish that some presentation would never end, that the story would continue endlessly because this form of education empowers you, makes you visualize who you want to be collecting a hundred pieces of success stories.

We were all different in any aspect but we had a love for liberty and peace and that kind of energy sparked all the smiles, all the little heart felling conversations filled with sincerity. We didn’t really have to introduce ourselves we all knew that our individuality was extraordinarily beautiful and we celebrated it with knowledge, plans, beer, and mafia games.

I have to say that a piece of my soul is still in Gummersbach, treasuring the moments with people that I initially liked, later admired and at the end loved with all my heart. In this world, there are two forces that can guarantee that you make the most out of this life: the freedom the one you have with you since you were born and love the one that sets you free. In Students For Liberty we had them both, so we can change the world and bring peace.


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