Leading a new generation of Venezuelan and Mexican activists

Leading a new generation of Venezuelan and Mexican activists

Eréndira Rubio is at one of the leaders tirelessly working on strengthening Students For Liberty’s efforts in Venezuela. Although she is from Mexico and is currently the Regional Director for the central region of Mexico, she temporarily moved to Caracas in November 2018 to volunteer for a humanitarian organization working with marginalized neighborhoods, while also organizing the first three events in Venezuela for January 2019.

“We are trying to rebuild the group in Venezuela, and it is very complicated to fight for liberty because of the complicated political situation in Venezuela. We carried out an internal campaign last year to get volunteers, and now we have 25 new volunteers.”

Eréndira is a student at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México studying International Relations. Although she had always been interested in fostering better relationships between countries and improve international cooperation, she didn’t think of pro-liberty as an option for her country until she went to an economics conference held by The Friedrich Naumann Foundation. After that, she became a part of Students For Liberty in 2016.

In 2018, she (and her co-director), hosted 29 events that had more than 1700 attendees in only three months! Her favorite event in 2018 was the leadership forum in March 2018. “It wasn’t a big event,” she admits, “but in this event, we tried our first fundraising campaign. We partnered with a local startup to get a great venue. This event made us realize that we could aim higher and organize a bigger event, like LibertyCon Latin America.

Erendira is currently in charge of Fundraising and Recruitment for LibertyCon Latin America. She has come up with an interesting strategy to boost attendance and funds by actively seeking out partners from organizations that are not necessarily associated with pro-liberty ideas, including companies, and universities.

On what she has learned through SFL, Erendira says, “First of all, it is teamwork. I work with a great team, and we have been trying our best sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. I have become a leader who knows how to empower other students.  Above all, SFL has taught me confidence. There is a lack of trust in young people in my community, but SFL trusts us and encourages us to explore our ideas. I know that everything I learn through SFL will help me wherever I go.

Erendira has since moved back to Mexico to finalize logistics for LibertyCon Latin America happening on 23-24 February 2019. She will go back to Venezuela in three months to host a Liberty Camp Merida, a city in the north of Venezuela. Erendira is convinced that Mexico and Latin America can be prosperous through the ideas of liberty.

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