3 Useful Tools to Spread Liberty on Campus

As a pro-liberty student activist, you have plenty of competition for your peers’ attention, including other student groups, social media, Netflix, and even the school calendar itself e.g. exams, holiday breaks, etc. This makes campus activism all the more challenging.

Students For Liberty provides many resources for students to break through the noise, and as a member of our network, SFL trains you to utilize these resources to amplify the voice of liberty.

Here are just a few ways you can keep up the momentum in your advocacy efforts:


Writing is a very powerful, and often an underrated tool to reach people who may never have thought about the ideas of liberty. It is also an effective way to develop your personal brand as an advocate for freedom.

Natalie Le, our leader at Harvard University, writes for the Harvard Crimson where she is one of the few voices defending liberty on her campus. Her article, Harvard Is No Friend of Free Speech, not only sparked conversation on her campus, but also helped her reach more people off-campus.

Evangelos Andreou, a leader at Panteion University in Greece, rose to prominence after he wrote an article titled, “Why Poor People in the Freest Nations Have Incomes 8x Higher Than Poor People in the Least Free.” This piece was translated into Greek and widely discussed in Greek liberty circles. Furthermore, this gave him recognition at the Prometheus Awards, an awards ceremony organized by Kefim – the largest pro-liberty think tank in Greece.

Our alumna, Jessica Murphy, sparked conversation on her campus by writing a blog post titled Top Five Wasteful Classes in the UW System, denouncing social justice classes at the University of Wisconsin.

You can contribute to Students For Liberty’s blog, your on-campus student paper, other student blogs, and partner organization publications in the wider liberty movement. It is a great way to improve your communication skills, engage with people who attend your in-person events, and also target those who have yet to attend!

Movie screenings

Movie screenings are a cost-effective way to educate your campus community about various pro-liberty issues in a relaxed and fun way. You can request a movie screening from the featured films on Students For Liberty’s website, or through organizations like the Free to Choose Network, Flex Your Rights, and the Moving Picture Institute, which provide free resources for you to host a movie night. These organizations have a wide variety of pro-liberty films and documentaries covering different regions and issues, so no matter what your local or cultural context may be, you’re bound to find films that will resonate with your target audience!

Sidewalk chalk advertising

The mainstream media fails to cover key information about human progress. Because the philosophy of liberty is a philosophy of hope, using sidewalk chalk advertising, a popular and effective on-campus marketing tool, to educate people about how much progress we’ve made could give your student group an edge! For example, did you know that only 1 in 100 people realize that global poverty has halved in the last 20 years? Students For Liberty is a great resource to find interesting facts to share on campus!

If you’d like to join the pro-liberty movement and fight for a freer future, you can apply to become a Local Coordinator with  Students For Liberty, the world’s largest forum of support for pro-liberty students!


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