Day in the Life: David Janjalia

The following is an account of Students For Liberty Local Coordinator David Janjalia’s experience during the 2019 Georgia Protests. This is part of our Day in the Life series, where we feature real life accounts of what the fight for liberty entails for liberty lovers who are fighting for a freer future all over the world. 

The first day of protests

Everything started on June 20th, 2019, when Russian politician Sergei Gavrilov led a Russian delegation for a religious assembly in Tbilisi. Gavrilov is a member of the Communist Party. He sat on the parliamentary speaker’s seat, spoke in native Russian and said that he felt like he was ‘home.’

It was massively humiliating for Georgia and its citizens. Russia occupies more than 20% of Georgia’s territory. Gavrilov has insulted our dignity with his actions, and many of us are now asking how the Georgian government could let this happen.

Since its independence, Georgia has managed to develop itself as a modern, tolerant and free society. However, Putin’s regime has been investing in considerable human and financial resources to increase their soft power over our country. 

They have done this by organizing provocations and attempting to hamper Georgia’s NATO integration by disseminating propaganda and false news to the rest of the world. 

Russia’s threat to democracy

Russia doesn’t want to be surrounded by free democracies. Their totalitarian regime relies on violence and limited human rights. Freedom and liberty are therefore, a threat to this form of government. 

I’m afraid that if the Russian people don’t wake up and act today, they might find themselves in a situation very similar to that of North Korea very soon. 

Moreover, if the international community does not stand by countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, who are striving to become the members of a freer Europe, they may one day wake up in a very different world order which will lead to a destruction of the democratic principles of freedom and liberty we cherish so dearly today. 

Therefore, the Russian regime is not only a threat to their own people and its neighbouring countries, but remains a threat to the rest of the world which celebrates peace, love, and liberty. 

Georgians fight for freedom and peace

Georgia has suffered greatly as they continue to fight for freedom and peace, 

Culturally, Georgians are people who value tolerance and freedom. This country has undergone rapid development and has great potential. My daughter and my family deserve a better life, and I want them to look forward to a bright future.

Let us unite for peace and freedom! Together we can make it happen!

Author: David Janjalia


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