Students For Liberty is not a top down, chapter based, membership organization.
Instead we are a network, or a forum of support, for pro-liberty students across North America and the world. While we don’t have dues-paying members or official Students For Liberty chapters, we do have individuals and groups apart of our network using our premier activist training and resources.



We want to be able to help all kinds of groups with their fight for freedom. As a big tent organization, we will support an ideologically diverse set of groups that align on certain topics. This means that we can support College Libertarians, College Republicans, and College Democrats. Our resources are open to all. Other examples of groups that use our resources include, but are not limited to: Young Americans for Liberty; Single issue groups for drug policy reform, free speech advocacy, anti-war promotion, or gun rights; objectivist groups; philosophy groups; anarchist or minarchist groups.


When you sign up for our group network, you will have access to some of the best and most creative resources available from Students For Liberty and our partner organizations. Activism can be tough work, and we don’t want student leaders to be distracted with logistics or funding. We want you to be on campus promoting liberty!


Signing up for our group network will give
you access to the following perks:

More perks will be released throughout the year
GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism KitsHOVER_GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism Kits

Group activism kits for free speech, economic liberty,
anti-war advocacy, or civil liberties.

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Website hosting for your
student group.

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Access to our Virtual Speakers Bureau which allows you to host professors and experts to speak to your group via a video chat.

GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism GrantsHOVER_GroupNetwork_SubPagePhotosActivism Grants

Activism grants up to $250.

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To sign up for our group network, please use the form below! If you have any questions about our group network or the perks involved with being a part of our network, please contact John Knetemann at [email protected].


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