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Throughout the history of Islamic societies the Sharia has formed the main framework of socio-economic and even the political life of the Islamic peoples. During the golden age of Islam (800–1200 AD) the Sharia always seemed compatible with a free society, and this was the experience of Muslim communities. The legal and juridical principles of Islamic law recognized individual freedom and rights (along with the responsibilities of individuals) in a society that provided an appropriate context for an independent judiciary and the defense of individual rights through the courts.

The book contains many chapters, which were developed from presentations made at the annual conferences held by the Istanbul Network for Liberty, whose mission is to explore and promote the principles and values of a free society in the Muslim world. It is incorporated as a non-profit foundation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Application Deadline:
February 22, 2017

Discussion Leader:
Ali Salman, CEO of Istanbul Network for Liberty

Meeting Dates:
Saturdays, 10am EST, 2/26/2017 – 4/9/2017



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